Ebb and Flow Massage Therapy Center was founded by Lauren Loiacono and Adam Caddick. Both being licensed massage therapists, they decided to take their experiences and blend them with the ideals of what a massage center could be. They know how much skill and physical effort it takes to do massage therapy, so they set up their pay scale to offer massage at an affordable rate to clientele while paying their LMBTs a livable wage. The dream is to have everyone benefit- the clients, the staff, and the business. The owners value a positive contribution to the community over and above making fast profits.

Ebb & Flow is also focused on sustainability. We use natural cleaning products, zero pesticides on our front lawn, and we compost and recycle everything possible. Our massage lotion is organic, for the health of our clients and the environment. We also carry fair-trade and organic teas in our tea room, as well as use organic produce in our infused water. One of our core beliefs as people is that of conscious consumerism.

The Name

Ebb & Flow is about appreciating the cycles of existence. It is the awareness that nothing remains the same for long, and encourages us to find our own rhythm as we move through life. Lauren and Adam have had many ups & downs through the course of their lives together, and this was the name that found resonance with both of them. Massage is really a dance of balance, and they found that the name “Ebb & Flow” embodied that truth.


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