407488_237187196365423_664155520_nMeade Neumann  LMBT #12846

Meade has been with us since we opened in March of 2015, and has proven herself to be a treasure to Ebb & Flow and her growing clientele. Meade gives each & every client her heartfelt attention, matched with 8 years of experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Meade is fluent in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Lomi Lomi, and Aromatherapy. She is a certified Reflexologist and a Reiki Master. She offers powerful tangible energy work and is just an amazing multi-faceted healer. She is honored by the trust each client gives her and works to create the best healing environment possible, every time. We also just opened a new room designed especially for Reflexology, which is one of Meade’s specialties.



Kelly Snyder   LMBT#14691                                                                                                                                                     kelly-2

Kelly Snyder is a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker certified in Neuromuscular Therapy, Swedish Massage, and Prenatal Massage. She is also a skilled equine structural integrator. Kelly’s passion is for structural bodywork with the goal of freeing up the connective tissue to allow the body to become more balanced. This helps to relieve pain while increasing her clients’ ability to function more efficiently. Her work with horses gives Kelly an intuitive edge that helps her in locating problem areas within the body that can often be missed. In addition, Kelly is also well skilled at using hands-on energy techniques to relieve areas of pain and tension.



Justin Hromada   LMBT#15475ebb-and-flow-justin-hromada

Justin graduated from the Arizona School of Integrated Studies in 2013, and has been dedicated to increasing his knowledge in the healing arts ever since. He studied Myofascial Release with John Barnes, which ignited in him a passion for this modality. Justin is a well-trained & experienced professional who is skilled in structural integration, neuromuscular therapy, and resistance release therapies in conjunction with traditional massage. Justin is committed to offering his clients the highest quality deeply therapeutic work possible, so they may ultimately regain a sense of balance & vitality. He understands that to truly offer therapeutic work, one must be able to observe subtle cues, holding patterns, and postural issues that the client may present. His approach is therefore adaptable and flexible to meet those individual client’s specific needs.


Amanda Holbrook   LMBT#92142016-12-03-14-11-37

Amanda has been a practicing LMBT for 9 years, with a passion for Prenatal and Swedish massage. She strives to enhance client’s mobility and improve their flexibility, therefore helping them to enjoy life to the fullest. During her many years of practicing massage, she has gained a sense of how to deal with varied medical conditions and injuries that she comes across in her clients.


Adam Caddick, Owner    LMBT#13421  adam-lauren

Adam has had a life-long fascination with human anatomy & physiology. Starting as an artist focused on the human form, he turned his interest into a brief career as an EMT. After a number of years of ambulance driving, a weekend workshop in massage came along and the fire was lit! He has since gone through two separate courses for massage therapy that further expanded his understanding of the human body. He specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy and employs other stretching & Myofascial techniques to increase mobility, and decrease pain and dysfunction in the body. His continued passion for studying anatomy & physiology and his dedication to his clients helps him individualize treatment for each person and achieve consistently positive outcomes in his practice.


Lauren Loiacono, Owner   LMBT#11785

Lauren’s interest in massage therapy began when she was 9 years old, massaging her ballerina neighbor’s sore feet in trade for hair crimping. She found she had a knack for it and started massaging family members and friends until deciding to embark on massage school at age 19. After massage school, she traveled and explored the world of caregiving for a decade before finally deciding to get licensed to practice massage. Once her & her partner Adam were able to, they opened Ebb & Flow and have been practicing massage full time ever since. While proficient in deep tissue massage, Lauren prefers practicing more heart-centered Swedish massage that assists clients in reaching a deep state of relaxation. She also has studied Esalen massage and is experienced in using hot stones and aromatherapy. Lauren is an intuitive and sensitive practitioner who seeks to tune in to the subtle cues of the body during healing sessions.



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