Ebb and Flow Massage Therapy Center is an LMBT-owned local independent business in the heart of West Asheville. As licensed massage therapists, we decided to take our experiences and blend them with the ideals of what a massage center could be. We were inspired to make massage therapy affordable for our community, while also paying our staff high rates to encourage the best massages possible every time as well as a positive work atmosphere. Our vision is to have everyone benefit from mindful integrity-driven business practices. We believe that massage therapy is instrumental in maintaining healthy muscles & joints, as well as reducing stress of the mind, and keeping the spirit light. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our practices and heighten our knowledge, and welcome feedback from our community. We are very happy to have our business here in West Asheville, where we have already lived for many years. ebb and flow massage therapy center sustainability Ebb and Flow is also focused on sustainability . We use natural cleaning products, zero pesticides on our front lawn, and compost or recycle everything possible. The electricity in our building comes from wind power through Arcadia. The organic massage lotion we use supports the health of our clients, and the environment. We also carry fair-trade and organic teas in our tea room. One of our core beliefs as people is that of conscious consumerism. Ebb & Flow is committed to making the smallest possible impact on the environment while having the greatest possible impact in our community. We do our best every day to honor that commitment. What’s in a Name? Ebb & Flow is about appreciating the cycles of existence. It is the awareness that nothing remains the same for long. This encourages us to find our own rhythm as we move through life. Massage is really a dance of balance, and we found that the name “Ebb & Flow” embodied that truth.