Menu of Services

Welcome to our Menu of Services.  All of our services include access to our complimentary Tea Room after your session.

We have done our best to keep our menu of services clear and simple. There are some services that are dependent the particular skill set of the individual therapists such as Thai Massage, Reiki, Cupping, and more.  Give us a call if you would like to know what unlisted services are available today.

***PRICES INDICATE  30/ 60/ 90/ 120  MINUTES***

Integrative Massage

$40/$70/ $100/ $130

A relaxing full body Swedish massage, using a blend of long flowing strokes and focused
techniques to relieve tired muscles, reduce stress, and improve circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

$45/$80/ $115/ $150

Deep Tissue massage focuses on the therapeutic treatment of chronic tension and pain through
the use of more advanced techniques such as Neuromuscular therapy and Myofascial release.

It is also a good option for those who want a full body massage with deep pressure throughout the whole session.

This massage provides the best results for people with chronic, long-standing issues that affect the structure
and functionality of the body.

Hot Stone Massage

*/$90 / $130/ $170

A relaxing full-body experience using the soothing warmth of smooth basalt stones to deeply massage
you from head to toe. Hot stone massage has been used throughout the centuries as a healing modality in many cultures.

Prenatal Massage

$40/$75/ $112/ **

A compassionate full-body massage designed to bring peace and relaxation before your
baby’s arrival. Your specially trained therapist gently works to help relieve the stress
& pressure experienced by expectant mothers. This massage is delivered in the
side-lying position if necessary to maximize comfort.

Couples Massage

*/$140/ $200/ $260

Two tables in a large room await you for a relaxing respite with a friend or a romantic escape with
your significant other. You will each receive an integrative massage provided by two of our
wonderful massage therapists. Feel free to upgrade to Deep Tissue for $10 per person, per hour.

Pep In Your Step

$40 for 30 minutes

This delightful service is all about your feet & lower legs. It starts with a refreshing salt scrub infused with peppermint and other essential oils. Then your feet will be wrapped in hot towels, and wiped clean. Next you will receive a thorough lower leg and foot massage with our fine organic lotion. Then we finish the session with more hot towels. It’s amazing how something as simple as a footscrub & lower leg massage can help to bring a sense of vitality to your whole body.

This service may be booked as a stand-alone session or as an add-on to another massage


Chair Massage

$1/ minute

Chair Massage provides a great option for people on the go. This service is performed with the client fully clothed.
A specially designed chair supports you as the therapist works on the muscles of your back,
neck, shoulders, and arms. (30 minute maximum)


*30 minutes not available

** 120 minutes not available

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